The Waiting Place

While a group of local sheriffs share stories on the job, the oldest veteran tells the others about an encounter that seems almost supernatural. Starring Joel King and Dave Meadows. Written and directed by Nick Albertson.

Second Place Winner at the 2015 International Indie Gathering in the Crime/Mystery Short film category.


The Traveler: A Project Hot Potato Film

Amy Finch isn’t very good at her job and it’s about to get her killed. She’s on the run from her evil boss, time cops, and even chrono-terrorists.
Yeah– really.  Time Travel kinda sucks like that. This is might be how the world ends.

A production between four teams of filmmakers from Hampton Roads, VirginiaProject Hot Potato is the competition thats really about collaboration.

Winning Team: BrainCo Productions (Part Three)
Most Valuable Actor: Vera Yatsula (Part Four)


You might be interested in hearing what these comedians thought about “The Traveler”

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And this didn’t happen.

Kris Shrader PCHP

Project Hot Potato 2015 Most Valuable Actor | The Nominees

Another year and all of the teams have turned in their contributions to Project Hot Potato.

PHP quick shotEach year, four Hampton Roads filmmakers are tasked with producing four different segments of the same movie. One of the hurdles that is placed in their way is a simple rule that states that “no member of the crew or cast can appear on more than one team.”  This leads to filmmakers either being lucky to run with their usual team or putting them in a position where they need to reach out an collaborate with creatives that they might not have previously.

On Saturday, April 25th– we will crown a winner for Project Hot Potato 2015, but there will also be another award winner:  Project Hot Potato’s Most Valuable Actor.

And the nominees are…

Michael Beckner Jr. | Friendly RunawaysMichael Beckner Jr.
Michael has earned an MVA nomination his first year with Project Hot Potato as a member of the Friendly Runaways.

Williams H. Powers | BrainCo ProductionsBill Powers
Not a stranger to PHP as the director of last year’s Critic’s Award winning submission, William Powers is up for his first MVA nomination.

Nathan Emilio | Cocaine BeardNathan Emilio
Star and one of the creative minds behind Channel 757’s flagship production, Issues— Nathan has scored an MVA nomination in his second Project Hot Potato appearance.

Vera Yatsula | Cocaine Beard Vera Yatsula
Last year, Vera became the first winner of the MVA award. Paired with her Issues co start and creator, she has earned a second nomination for Project Hot Potato’s Most Valuable Actor.

See Project Hot Potato 2015 when it premieres Saturday April 25th at the Virginia Beach Central Library Auditorium.  Doors open at 2:30 and the show starts at 3PM.  Immediately following, Channel 757 will crown their winner for Project Hot Potato, the Most Valuable Actor, and a new category for Best Cameo!

Thank You, Hampton Roads | Photos from the 2014 Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase

That’s a wrap.

The 2014 Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase is in the books as a success. Tons of talent on display as many of the great creative minds of Hampton Roads dropped by each night to show their support.

Channel 757 would like to say thank you to the Hampton Roads film community for their continued support and to encourage each of you to keep creating.

Check out some great photos from the loved and respected, Mario Marasigan.

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ZMS & Skelly Present: Boob Wrangler (explicit content) | Zak’s Movie Show

Christine facesWell the time is here, the show we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. We got some of the Top ladies of Skelley films to join us and discuss past and present works to include some talks about the forthcoming release “Christine at the Crossroads” We managed to get Anna Sosa, Heather Smith, and one of our favorite ladies Diane “The Sex” Sokolowich!! We had more fun than we could of imagined with these lovely ladies. We talk about Christine at the Crossroads heavily and their experiences making this incredibly moving film. We also get to know Anna Sosa and Heather Smith as they were first timers on the show. We play some Scenes with Sokolowich and a little friendly competition between the girls to wrap up an eventful and provocative show.

Feel free to give feedback to us:
twitter: @zaksmovieshow
call: 757-943-9925

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Zak’s Movie Show| ZMS Do you even 48 Hour Bro?


The first of two episodes for this week!! Today we discussed the Hampton Roads 48 HR Film Festival Best of showcase. We had one of our Favorite Guests Creater of Issues Matt Wade drop in to weigh in on what we thought of the top 10 selections and awards and possible upset in who got what awards and who we felt got snubbed.

Contact us at:

Twitter: @zaksmovieshow
Phone: 757-943-9925

A First Look at the 2014 Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase

2014 Fall Film Showcase Gold LogoChannel 757’s Fall Film Showcase is undoubtedly the biggest show Channel 757 puts on each year.  On October 9th, 10th, and 11th we’re ready to head back to Beach Movie Bistro in Virginia Beach.  2014’s Showcase looks to be even bigger than before with three nights of independent films. Here’s a look at each night’s headliner and a few of the other films you can expect to see. ***Click here to BUY tickets***

Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase Night One (10.9.14, 7PM)

RED BAND – Headlining the first night of the showcase is the encore screening of Chris Abaya‘s horror film, Red Band.  Red Band first premiered this past spring and will again close out the night at Beach Movie Bistro on October 9th.



VERONA – Also premiering will be a special director’s cut of Verona directed by R Jay Molina of the Motion Art Collective.


– The Hampton Roads premiere of the short suspense thriller with amazing performances from actors Dave Meadows and Anna Sosa. Directed by Tom White.


Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase Night Two (10.10.14, 9PM)

Issues Season 2ISSUES – Headlining our showcase’s second night is the season two premiere of the award winning Channel 757 original series. Created and written by Matt Wade and sporting a load of cameos, the premiere is one you won’t want to miss.


THE WAITING PLACE – The latest film by director Nick Albertson with an amazing cast lead by Joel Nathan King will also have its world premiere on the second night of our showcase.


Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase Night Three (10.11.14, 9PM)

CHRISTINE AT THE CROSSROADS – The showcase headliner and latest feature film from Skelly Films explores a story about love and the hard choices that come along with following your heart.

grave undertaking


GRAVE UNDERTAKING – The latest short film from the collective minds of BrainCo Productions is ready to premiere the closing night of the showcase.


That’s just a small portion of what to expect so keep up with Channel 757 for more news and announcements about the 2014 Fall Film Showcase and keep creating.


Brad Pitt and Nathan Fillion Bang Meryl Streep | Zak’s Movie Show

Jump street

The dudes are a ship without a rudder as Justin is not in studio… Zak and MOFA have special guests– producer Alec Wittschiebe and cinematographer Lee Clements— two behind the camera guys that aren’t always working the camera…

They talk about their latest film Blue Skies, their other projects, Executive Producer Joe asks the hard hitting questions as usual, and we review How to Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street! Get that ish in your ears!

Passion Fruit | Jon Abrahams


Written and Directed by
Jon Abrahams

Winner of the 2010 Hampton Roads 48 Hour Film Project

Other 48 Hour Awards Include:
Best Graphics
Best Cinematography
Best Editing

Genre: Horror
Prop: Cheese
Character: Tim Thackery – Mechanic
Line: “I’ve Looked and I Can’t Find It”