The Traveler: A Project Hot Potato Film

Amy Finch isn’t very good at her job and it’s about to get her killed. She’s on the run from her evil boss, time cops, and even chrono-terrorists.
Yeah– really.  Time Travel kinda sucks like that. This is might be how the world ends.

A production between four teams of filmmakers from Hampton Roads, VirginiaProject Hot Potato is the competition thats really about collaboration.

Winning Team: BrainCo Productions (Part Three)
Most Valuable Actor: Vera Yatsula (Part Four)


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And this didn’t happen.

Kris Shrader PCHP

Check out the latest trailer for Paradox City

Paradox City titleIn the future, the last of humanity takes refuge inside an impenetrable fortress.

No one gets in to Paradox City. No one gets out. Powers are outlawed. There is no crime. No mercy. No escape. Detective Chamber has keeps Paradox City safe, but when his daughter escapes Paradox and is captured by pure evil, his only chance at saving her is to team up with the villains he locked away in order to escape Paradox City.

Staring IssuesNathan Emilio and Project Hot Potato 2014‘s Most Valuable Actress, Vera Yatsura as well as other Ch757 associated actors Dave Meadows and Ryan Braddock among others.Felony Vera

Produced by Jim McCullough and Project Hot Potato 2014 winners, Jpixx.

Visit their Kickstarter page to view the rewards and see how you can help be a part of something awesome:


Zak’s Movie Show | ZMS Nerd Bashing


This week on ZMS we talk about the current state of nerd/geek culture. It’s a golden age for comic book based movies and TV yet everyone is complaining… We bring positive light to everything and reassure you to calm down on that front. We review a little netflix and also a review of Big Hero 6 which both of us saw in theaters..

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Zak’s Movie Show | ZMS Taylor Dreams of Juliard


Once again we are joined by the talented and wonderful Taylor Short. This week we talk about Taylor losing her shoes occasionally, the now heated DC vs Marvel universes as the movie gauntlets have been thrown down, we review some Netflix as usual and Also a couple bonus reviews at the end from MOFA aka Mr. Podcast. Enjoy Don’t forget to check Taylor in the production of TV time this weekend!


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Thank You, Hampton Roads | Photos from the 2014 Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase

That’s a wrap.

The 2014 Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase is in the books as a success. Tons of talent on display as many of the great creative minds of Hampton Roads dropped by each night to show their support.

Channel 757 would like to say thank you to the Hampton Roads film community for their continued support and to encourage each of you to keep creating.

Check out some great photos from the loved and respected, Mario Marasigan.

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Free Comic Book Day | Issues

20140715-195539.jpgIssues Season One finale

Written by James Shearer
Directed by William H. Powers
Created by Matt Wade

Produced by BrainCo Productions

It’s Free Comic Book Day and everyone is excited. Everyone except for Scott Barnes. Can some help from the ghosts of Free Comic Book Day past, present, and future help Scott find his holiday spirit?

Whole Lotta Netflix | Zak’s Movie Show

TammyThe guys have been so busy lately they haven’t been to theaters really so we went to our second favorite source: Netflix!

This week the guys talk Jackie Brown, some weird documentaries Mofa watched (Email Order Bride and When Strangers Click), Joey watches the Dark Knight trilogy in one sitting, and the documentary After Porn Ends. We even got a review from a listener for Tammy!

When Strangers Click? ZMS will click you. ZMS will click you long time. Get it in your ears.

ZMS 2 Dudes and a Lil Andy | Zak’s Movie Show

TransformerThe guys are guestless for a while and it’s time to kick back and enjoy the break in the action, but don’t think we don’t have a great episode for ya. Zak, MOFA, and Jay talk about Scares that Care, auditions, shooting commercials, the movie genres you don’t see anymore, and Jay reviews 22 Jump St. and Zak saw Transformers 4!

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