The Traveler: A Project Hot Potato Film

Amy Finch isn’t very good at her job and it’s about to get her killed. She’s on the run from her evil boss, time cops, and even chrono-terrorists.
Yeah– really.  Time Travel kinda sucks like that. This is might be how the world ends.

A production between four teams of filmmakers from Hampton Roads, VirginiaProject Hot Potato is the competition thats really about collaboration.

Winning Team: BrainCo Productions (Part Three)
Most Valuable Actor: Vera Yatsula (Part Four)


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And this didn’t happen.

Kris Shrader PCHP

Project Hot Potato 2015 Most Valuable Actor | The Nominees

Another year and all of the teams have turned in their contributions to Project Hot Potato.

PHP quick shotEach year, four Hampton Roads filmmakers are tasked with producing four different segments of the same movie. One of the hurdles that is placed in their way is a simple rule that states that “no member of the crew or cast can appear on more than one team.”  This leads to filmmakers either being lucky to run with their usual team or putting them in a position where they need to reach out an collaborate with creatives that they might not have previously.

On Saturday, April 25th– we will crown a winner for Project Hot Potato 2015, but there will also be another award winner:  Project Hot Potato’s Most Valuable Actor.

And the nominees are…

Michael Beckner Jr. | Friendly RunawaysMichael Beckner Jr.
Michael has earned an MVA nomination his first year with Project Hot Potato as a member of the Friendly Runaways.

Williams H. Powers | BrainCo ProductionsBill Powers
Not a stranger to PHP as the director of last year’s Critic’s Award winning submission, William Powers is up for his first MVA nomination.

Nathan Emilio | Cocaine BeardNathan Emilio
Star and one of the creative minds behind Channel 757’s flagship production, Issues— Nathan has scored an MVA nomination in his second Project Hot Potato appearance.

Vera Yatsula | Cocaine Beard Vera Yatsula
Last year, Vera became the first winner of the MVA award. Paired with her Issues co start and creator, she has earned a second nomination for Project Hot Potato’s Most Valuable Actor.

See Project Hot Potato 2015 when it premieres Saturday April 25th at the Virginia Beach Central Library Auditorium.  Doors open at 2:30 and the show starts at 3PM.  Immediately following, Channel 757 will crown their winner for Project Hot Potato, the Most Valuable Actor, and a new category for Best Cameo!

One Potato, Two Potato… | Project Hot Potato 2015 Teams – BrainCo Productions


Project Hot Potato 2015 is set to begin in January so we think we’ve waited long enough…. Let’s meet the teams. What is Project Hot Potato?

The first ever returning team, Project Hot Potato is proud to welcome back last year’s Critic’s Award winner BrainCo Productions!

BrainCo is a visionary team in Virginia’s independent film industry, with multiple award wins at the 48hr Film Festival, as well as other festivals across the state.  Lead by their team leader, the yet to be photographed James Shearer,  the production team pushes the boundaries every time they leave the gate. Project Hot Potato 2015 will be no exception.

BrainCo. Productions will compete during Project Week 3.


Zak’s Movie Show | ZMS D’Rae’s Melting Pot


This week on the show we are joined by the lovely and talented Desiree Connell. She fills us in on what it’s like to be a woman in various behind the camera rolls, her work with many of the top local film makers on various projects, her time working with NASA and much more. Also we have reviews on Expendables III, TMNT, and Guardians of the Galaxy is still fantastic!!

Contact us at:

Twitter: @zaksmovieshow
Phone: 757-943-9925

Project Hot Potato Audience Award | How To Win

Its just as simple as voting.

For the next two weeks on Channel 757: No Format, two of the Project Hot Potato films will be shown on Cox 11 and Cox HD @ 9:30 Sunday night.  For those without the capability to watch No Format, the videos will be posted online at 10 PM Sunday.
Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.27.58 AM
How to Win:

-Each week, two teams will go head to head in audience voting.
-At the end of the second week, the winning team from both weeks will have their scores compared.
-The team with the highest score wins.

See? Simple.  Teams, make sure you know all the ways that you can add to your voting score.

Project Hot Potato Audience Award | How To Vote

It’s really quite simple.

For the next two weeks on Channel 757: No Format, two of the Project Hot Potato films will be shown on Cox 11 and Cox HD @ 9:30 Sunday night.  For those without the capability to watch No Format, the videos will be posted online at 10 PM Sunday.
Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 12.38.34 AM
How to Vote:

If you want your favorite PHP team to win (or want to show support to all of the teams), sharing your vote is easy. On the team’s Channel 757 video link, at the bottom are four buttons: Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, and Pintrest. Click on any of these buttons, and follow through to like or share on the other sites, and thats it. Simple.

Oh– and don’t forget Youtube!  Liking the team’s video on youtube will also be added to their final score. Some of these platforms may allow you to vote multiple times. Each will also count to the score of your team as well!

Show your support! They can’t win this award without you!  Unless they have money. We accept bribes… but we’re honest about it.
Nick Ventura