Project Hot Potato

What is Project Hot Potato?

Channel 757 challenges 4 filmmakers to take on a project that is both a competition and a collaboration. These 4 filmmakers will each be given the task of making 4 different segments of the same film. This is Project Hot Potato.

The Rules:

– Each team will be led by one Project Leader who will be responsible for assembling each team’s crew, communicating with Ch757 producers, and  the delivery of the team’s segment.

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– Each team’s segment is to be approx. 10-15 mins long. The teams will be given approx. 7 days to complete their segment.

– There are 3 main Project Objectives that are to remain constant throughout all 4 segments. The Main Character, The Project Theme, and The Hot Potato (Prop)

-Starting in 2015, the Team Leaders will all meet for an hour long collaboration meeting where they will collectively decide on the film genre. No notes allowed.

– Team Leaders will only see the completed segment before theirs as a starting point for their project week.

– Each Project Leader will choose 2 additional Storyline Objectives that the next team will be required to complete.Nick Ventura

– Each team will be given an additional Storyline Objective from Ch757 Producers.

– Team Leaders can fill in any crew roles they wish, but no crew members can compete on more than one team.

– Project Leaders and any other members of different teams cannot discuss the Project Objectives or storyline of PHP.

– Starting 2015, there will only be two award winners.  One awarded to the MVA or Most Valuable Actor and the winner of Project Hot Potato to be chosen by Channel 757.


PROJECT HOT POTATO 2015: “The Traveler”

: “Destined”


PROJECT HOT POTATO 2013:   “…A Thousand Words”



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