One Potato, Two Potato… | Project Hot Potato 2015 Teams – Cocaine Beard


Project Hot Potato 2015 is set to begin in January so we think we’ve waited long enough…. Let’s meet the teams. What is Project Hot Potato?

“I swear it was on fire when I got here.”                                                                                                               -Matt Wade

Matt Wade, Team Leader of Cocaine Beard (Yeah…) began his career like most young comedians do: nude Jell-O wrestling with Bill Cosby.  Leaving his gelatin covered days behind him, he grew as an artist in leaps and bounds.

Wade soon became the award winning creator of the acclaimed Channel 757 web series – ISSUES, as well as competing in annual film competitions, and producing one of the funniest podcasts on the web, Matt and Nathan Have Issues. 

Cocaine Beard’s team is likely to include his long time creative partner, Nathan Emilio and we’re sure they’re excited to wrap up the story this year with Project Week 4.

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