…A Thousand Words | Project Hot Potato 2013

Project Hot Potato 2013 Film
An anger therapist is pulled into a twisted scheme of revenge that could ultimately cost him his life.


Team 1
Project Leader – Alex Leath


Chenoa Smith as Cynthia
Lance Williams as Philip
Brandon Fostergray as Ed

Screenplay – Brandon Fostergray

Director of Photography -Daniel Rosado

Editing – Daniel Rosado

Music – Kevin MacLeod

Gaffers – Daniel Rosado, Lance Williams

Location Manager – Lance Williams

Director – Alex W. Leath


Team 2
Project Leader – Lucas Stiverson


Kris Shrader as Philip
Sam Garrett as Cynthia
Andrew Matas as Ed
Sean Hood as “The Hooded Man”

Music – Andrew Matas

Writer/Director/Editor/Producer/DP/Camera – Lucas Stiverson


Team 3

Project Leader – Ernie Smith


Joel Nathan King  as Philip
Sommer Mitchell as Angie
Jimmy Reece as Ed
Catherine Gendell as Cynthia
Nick Ventura as Allen Walters
Mathew Gilbert as Detective 1
Diane Sokolowich as Detective 2
Cops: Andrew Harmon, Erika Johnson,
Jessa Elizabeth Gaul, Ernie Smith

Screenplay – Ernie and Heather Smith

Director and Editor – Ernie Smith

Director of Photography – Cetre Pegues

Camera Operator – Jessa Elizabeth Gaul

Assistant Director/Producer- Heather Smith

Production Assistants: Kristi Duke, Andrew Harmon,
Erika Johnson, Sarah Carver

Make Up – Erika Johnson

Props -Andrew Harmon, Joel Nathan King,
Mathew Gilbert

Music – Joshua Stephen Bogart


Team 4
Project Leader – Kevin Monroe

Director – Marcus Williams

Director of Photography – Mario C. Jackson

Producer – Kevin Monroe

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