IBEZA – “About That Life” Official Music Video



Artist: IBEZA
Song: About That Life
Directed and edited by: Jeffrey Brigham

Song Produced by: Tory Green
Song engineered by: Paul Bailey
Recorded at- Thomas Crown Studios

Camera: Lance Williams
Actors: Mark Ewing, Angelo Reyes, Yulia Burns, Marquita Bianca
Graphic design: Jasmine Mills
Make-up/Wardrobe: Monnica Johnson
Filmed at- Hampton Roads Studios

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.38.03 PM


The Waiting Place

While a group of local sheriffs share stories on the job, the oldest veteran tells the others about an encounter that seems almost supernatural. Starring Joel King and Dave Meadows. Written and directed by Nick Albertson.

Second Place Winner at the 2015 International Indie Gathering in the Crime/Mystery Short film category.


The Traveler: A Project Hot Potato Film

Amy Finch isn’t very good at her job and it’s about to get her killed. She’s on the run from her evil boss, time cops, and even chrono-terrorists.
Yeah– really.  Time Travel kinda sucks like that. This is might be how the world ends.

A production between four teams of filmmakers from Hampton Roads, VirginiaProject Hot Potato is the competition thats really about collaboration.

Winning Team: BrainCo Productions (Part Three)
Most Valuable Actor: Vera Yatsula (Part Four)


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And this didn’t happen.

Kris Shrader PCHP

Check out the latest trailer for Paradox City

Paradox City titleIn the future, the last of humanity takes refuge inside an impenetrable fortress.

No one gets in to Paradox City. No one gets out. Powers are outlawed. There is no crime. No mercy. No escape. Detective Chamber has keeps Paradox City safe, but when his daughter escapes Paradox and is captured by pure evil, his only chance at saving her is to team up with the villains he locked away in order to escape Paradox City.

Staring IssuesNathan Emilio and Project Hot Potato 2014‘s Most Valuable Actress, Vera Yatsura as well as other Ch757 associated actors Dave Meadows and Ryan Braddock among others.Felony Vera

Produced by Jim McCullough and Project Hot Potato 2014 winners, Jpixx.

Visit their Kickstarter page to view the rewards and see how you can help be a part of something awesome:


Zak’s Movie Show | ZMS Channel 757 Fall Showcase ’14


This week we had some of the Big wigs from Channel 757 on to promote the always fun and entertaining Channel 757 Fall Film Showcase. Tom White and Chris Abaya roll into the studio to talk about all the great features being shown over this 3 DAY EVENT at Beach Movie Bistro! with a different show each night be sure to grab the 3 day pass deal to catch all the great films and features being shown Like an encore of Redband, Season 2 of Issues episode 1, Christine at the Crossroads, Uneven, The waiting place, Fragile witness, and many more 3 days 3 different shows one awesome venue! Check it out!



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