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Happy 2015 everyone! As that Semisonic song once said “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  So to is it with This Week In Geek, no we’re not going anywhere but much like the Crisis of Infinite Earths we are rebooting.

I am proud to present my partner in crime, the ever lovely and talented Courtney Rose will be joining me here as we alternate articles about all that bad and good in the world of Geek. Now
for those that don’t know her (for shame if you don’t!) she is the ‘coolest asshole you’ll ever know’, (c) and tm an amazing artist, costume designer, and writer. Over the course of the weeks and months of us taking over the 757, you will see why we are internet royalty.  Also every week we host an Arrow live-blog thing which you can usually find Wed. nights at 8pm on my facebook.

Admittedly I have dropped the ball in recent weeks as some of my filming commitments have taken over from my ranting, so I am bringing in the best to strengthen our toehold on the 757. Now I’ll stop the yimmer yammer and let the pretty one of this duo get on with the show but I will leave you with quotes of two of our greatest wordsmiths, the immortal bard William Shakespeare and Sam L. Jackson.  “What brave new world, that has such people in it…. Hold onto your butts.”



1465315_548924698532887_1511882487_n Let’s go back to January, just as the massive snowstorm began to hit my humble abode here in Boston and turned it into Hoth. Instagram suddenly went abuzz with some pretty badass pictures posted on director of District 9, Neil Blomkamp’s account of Alien concept art.

Apparently the Alien sequel was a project Blomkamp was playing around with independently but wouldn’t see the light of day, or so he said. The impressive images showed everything we loved from the sleek black creatures to the organic futuristic landscapes, there was even a really awesome headpiece concept showed on Ellen Ripley…Yes Ripley! You read that right, there were a few images featuring the femme badass, along with Dwayne Hicks.



I will admit my heart skipped beats from excitement and my eyes went all wide once I came across these pictures, Oh another Alien! Wouldn’t it be great? With Hollywood full of nothing but reboots and sequels lately it was almost sad to see something like this wouldn’t be dug up for us to bathe in, just simply passed over. I shared the link on my Facebook page with the fitting status of “oh Lord please make it happen!” and low and behold 2 months later it did.


Just a few days ago Blomkamp headed back to Instagram to share with the world that he would in fact be directing the Alien sequel and 20th Century Fox shortly after confirmed it. Oh glorious childhood you’re back! The sci-fi gods have heard our pleas and answered…or did they? Now I would really like to think that the giant buzz we all made about this is what sparked the fire to make it happen, but when it comes to Hollywood I’m usually swaying to more of a PR stunt to get us talking. Not to say Blomkamp did such a thing but I wouldn’t really put it past anyone anymore. (thanks for “The Interview” buzz N. Korea! But hey Hollywood, the movie was still lame.)



Now even though this sequel is totally brand new news, it already has the gears in my head turning wondering about a storyline. The most appealing thing about the concept art is seeing Ripley and Hicks again which makes me immediately wonder where this film is taking place in the timeline. Are we ditching 3 & 4 or are we keeping them with a scenario where scientists were able to clone the Marine off blood samples as they did Ripley for Resurrection? Then we’re left with the question of his facial scarring. Oh anticipation you’re already killing me, all this speculation will hopefully be worth the wait. (Dear Fox, don’t screw this up.)



If the film lives up to the art, I think it will work. Pretty much what we need here is Fox to make the film just less, Fox. They’ve been revamping everything and ruining our lives with their “throw caution to the wind” mind set. I’m really hoping if we have these characters back there’s a chance to snag the original actors, we really don’t want a recast with Ru Paul as Ripley and Nic Cage as Hicks. Though Ripley’s makeup would totally be on point in that scenario, but let’s just stick to what we know Fox okay?

11022936_791561460935875_806530566_n(Courtney Rose with her Colonial Marine Pride!)


Sigourney Weaver said herself in an interview with Los Angeles Times on the possibility of another Alien, “I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished. I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story.” Hopefully that would be enough incentive for her to hop on board if Fox extends a welcoming hand. Michael Biehn hasn’t been doing much these days it seems except for low budget films like Scorpion King 4…did we REALLY need that? Reprising his role here might help wake him up a bit, perhaps he could look deep down and find the Kyle Reese/Dwayne Hicks badassery he once had. (We still believe in you Biehn! Oh and you were very kind when I met you at a show a few months back. Thanks for the auto!)


Hopefully we get something great here, I am optimistic with everyone involved here (except Fox) and I’m pretty damn excited about all this, but I’m trying to contain it and not get carried away. Since this is so early on we will just have to calm ourselves and really hope for the best.




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