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11174924_878706188853023_3080835512279793892_n Hello, it’s Courtney Rose’s (aka The Nice One) week and I’m here to tell you things and stuff.

By now I’m sure most of the planet has tuned into Netflix and either binged on Daredevil or are at least on the last couple of episodes. If you’re still watching I will try to leave this spoiler free. (Because sometimes I can actually be nice like that) The love for Daredevil has been overwhelming, not to mention there are so many Marvel tie-ins it gets you pumped when you notice all these little Easter eggs.


Daredevil’s dark and gritty filming along with its amazing choreographed fight scenes definitely pulled us in and we just couldn’t let go, you almost feel the same blood on your hands that Matt Murdock has. Daredevil is not for everyone, it certainly gives us a darker look into the bloody world of corruption and murder. It’s full of emotion, blood, butchery and gory consequences. The dim atmosphere and crimes scenes don’t take away from its beauty though, these details make you feel like you’re standing there tired and beat right along with him, both searching within to find a bit of strength that’s left to finish the job at hand.

I really want to address something that has been filling my newsfeeds on social media since the show aired which is “I am not watching Arrow anymore now that Daredevil is here.” Now yes all you humans are allowed your own opinions on this but hear me out…These shows are completely two different dynamics. You must remember that when watching. Now of course we can say “I like this one over the other” that’s understandable and it can happen, but dismissing one because of the other sounds pretty damn silly and it’s just confusing me seeing this constantly mentioned.


I enjoy what DC and The CW have given us with The Flash and Arrow and yes I loved what Netflix gave us for Daredevil (it’s what Gotham could have been) but as I mentioned, they are different breeds…apples and oranges, spots and stripes. Just food for thought there kids!
Anyways, Daredevil is brilliant, and it gives us a clear view of the consequences of crime, violence and the toll they take. We see how it affects our main characters and how the exposure to these elements has made it impossible for them to move forward with their lives, things are forever changed. Daredevil’s darkness is beautiful, and it will leave you anxious and begging for more. The sound of bones cracking is pretty much Daredevil in a nutshell folks. Marvel and Netflix now need to take Punisher and do this! I’m tellin’ ya it would be gold.

Oh, and speaking of Arrow, Last week’s episode was a punch right in the feels. I mean dammit, they sure know how to stir up the pot of emotions that’s for sure. One of the aspects I love about Arrow is you really get attached to “the team” and having to say goodbye to Colton Hayne’s character “Roy Harper aka Arsenal” was pretty hard. I will miss seeing the brotherly relationship him and Oliver share. It makes me regret yelling at the TV telling him to wash his red hoodie. Forgive me Roy Harper! Colton is moving on to other TV roles and film (He will be starring alongside Dwayne Johnson this summer in “San Andreas”) and we wish him well, may the odds forever be in his favor. Though The Rock will not love you like we do Colton, no he won’t!


Hopefully with time and some booze we’ll get over this episode. I’m not exactly sure how I will handle the season finale when that gets here in a few more weeks. I’m still trying to recover from our loss of Deadshot too *shakes fist in the air* Can we just use our superfast friend over in Central City for help? Honestly, someone on Arrow please pick up the phone! I swear to God if another member of Team Arrow gets taken out because Ollie refuses to call Barry I’m going down to Starling and smacking the green off of him. Please CW go easy on us, we’re fragile little creatures! I can only imagine what The Flash is going to do now to put us into cardiac arrest.

DF86E3BB-BF5A-46D7-8D37-DC4302F90FA1  In heartbreaking news of another fashion, the world was treated to another albeit spoiler-laden Terminator Genysis trailer. Aside from the standard shots of ‘splosions and an aging Arnie coming back to remind people why he was famous in the first place, (Do Androids Dream of Robot Geritol?) we see the major spoiler that has everyone talking that John Connor is himself a Terminator.

Wait, what? How does that even work?

We have finally come to the point in the reboot/nostalgia bait culture that we’ve created the first rebootequel…requel….whatever we call that, A sequel that both reboots and continues a story (one could argue that this was done in Days of Future Past first, but shut up I’m on a roll) Discounting the paradox of John Connor being behind everything, (He sent a terminator after his mother in the first one, than turned on his younger self in the second one) you have a pretty stupid concept. Most people were enraged that this point was “spoiled” personally I’m happy because if I had paid my $9 to go see this and witnessed this bull-hockey I would have probably burned down the theater.

We’re going down a creatively devoid pipeline where people throw things in for quick shocks and “cool visuals” without thinking if it makes sense in the longer narrative or jibes with current continuity! Because people are too lazy to remember things for longer than 2hrs I suppose. Hollywood lives in the world of “if it doesn’t work, just say it’s a reboot!”

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to take a moment to mention some things I’ve been noticing in the “cosplay community” as of late. But first I’d like to mention the obvious in which we see a lot of jealousy and silly things flying around, the ever growing popularity contest that rises up.

Yes, in a sense it’s inevitable. What I’m getting at here is, at the end of the day cosplaying is for fun, really that’s the root of it. It’s fun and it’s dressing as characters we relate to and love. Some people get to do it all the time, some get to work booths and get asked to shows, some people get paid for it. Okay good for them. Whether you like that person, agree that they should be at a show or not isn’t worth getting your feathers rustled over. My newsfeed on Facebook is filled with complaints about this almost on a daily basis.

And it doesn’t stop there, I see costumers then complaining “Why did they get invited to be a guest at this con and not me?” “Supposedly this costuming group is talking gossip about my group” Look there is bound to be drama, that’s going to happen when there’s a social group involved, and this may sound like a petty thing reading it, but honestly I see so much complaining lately SO much it’s astounding. This is to the point that people are getting emotionally distraught over the matter.


So what I’m trying to say here is, if you love something and want to have fun then do it, but if your hobby is seriously causing you distress to the point where you are airing your grievances 24/7 on your facebook maybe you need to take a step back. And not a baby step either, a big one. Take some time off from it, get some fresh air. Collect yourself, get back to feeling emotionally okay and then maybe dive back into costuming if it’s something you really like to do. This is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to make you feel good.

If you’re too busy swimming in a pool of gossip and bitterness instead of just creating costumes and having a blast, then it’s really time to take a “cos-vacation.” Ignore everyone else, do this for you. Do it because you like it, be happy dammit! If you’re just in it to have fun, then continue to do so and don’t sweat the small stuff.


To end with a programming note, we are ticking down the “final four” episodes for Arrow this season and gearing up for our giant live in the flesh liveblog of the finale next month. So join Danny and I right here, Wednesday April 22nd, at 8pm est. if you want to join us for our weekly FB liveblog thing.

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