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Heavens to murgatroyd! I am running behind this week! Although there is a lot going on, especially in regards to Ghost Walk and nerd shit. I have an article coming up on Alt Daily which I will link here probably this coming Friday, as it should be up by then, and I did a wonderfully fun, yet face palm inducing radio appearance on Angel’s Asylum with the lovely Angel St. Savant and two of my beloved “bros” who were “bro’ing it up” in the background and making it terribly hard to concentrate!

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The incredible 757 Fall Showcase that ran this weekend was not the only celebration out there making news and turning heads. A mere 8hrs to the north of our fair area, up in NY is a helluva shindig that calls itself New York Comic Con.

Three days of celebrities, announcements and so forth and I will be trying to get through all the news to the best of my ability. I will say I feel bad that I was not able to attend either events this weekend, I’ve personally been an attending professional at NYCC in past years but I just couldn’t cram it into my schedule this year. Maybe next time!

Probably the biggest announcement that came in the for of news of Marvel Studio’s latest venture with their Netflix Original Series – Daredevil.


It’s hard to understate just how much of a game changer this is in terms of a media footprint. While Netflix has achieved some renown for their series such as House of Cards and Orange is The New Black, this will be the first time a major studios (Disney/Marvel) has launched a franchise on the service.

Not only is it Daredevil, (the Ben Affleck abortion of a film aside) who is a relatively important character within the Marvel cannon, but the series will also tie into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and of course the slate of films coming next year that culminate to this summer’s Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. 


The costume that was on display, while will not be the final version of the suit harkens back to the Frank Miller “Man Without Fear” era. There of course will be some that remembers a different version of this suit.


Hype for the series reached such fever pitch that a Q&A and signing with the cast was canceled due to a little over-eager fanbase trying to be the first to get a glimpse.

Gettin' Buck Wild at Comic-Con

Now where the “burying the lede” is concerned is by looking at the cast that was in attendance  this weekend and the characters they play makes you wonder what era/style the series will be going for.

While the production has been very vocal in saying it’s got a very “gritty 70s action” feel to it,  bringing to mind the work Frank Miller did on the character with the aforementioned Man Without Fear, and Fall From Grace story lines (just to name a few)  The name Leon Owsly (played by Toby Hemingway) came up, and of course  Leland Owsly is best known as the arch-criminal The Owl.


Could this be a modernized version of The Owl’s nomme de guerre? And could the fact that Marvel TV show-runner Jeph Loeb, who oversees both the live action, and animated series for Marvel Studios is involved, could we see a bit of his and Tim Sale’s Daredevil: Yellow mini series that featured both The Owl and The Purple Man in a retelling of Daredevil’s origin?


Which was a truly wonderful series, though it did have a more lighthearted tone than the Miller/Niciotti era.  The other stand-out name to pop up during the panel was Vondie Curtis-Hall as Ben Urich.

NAACP 4 150208Ben Urich

Obviously the character will be receiving a racial flip, similar to that of Sam L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. The character previously appeared in the Ben Affleck version portrayed by  Joe Pantoliano. But even deeper than that is that Urich is a reporter for the Daily Bugle, which is locale best known for another Marvel character Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-man.

Now while the Marc Webb films (Amazing Spider-man and Amazing Spider-man 2) don’t feature The Bugle, or J. Jonah Jameson (outside of easter eggs) the rumor mill has been buzzing as of late about Sony Pictures (who hold’s the Spider-man license) might look to partner with Marvel Studios and allow them to integrate the webbed wonder back into their larger universe and maintain a percentage of the profits generated.

Much like Universal did after the Eric Bana Hulk movie failed to catch fire with audiences back in 2003.  In the 2008 reboot with Ed Norton, Marvel Studios picked up the production heavy lifting with Universal staying on as a distributor, allowing for the integration of the Hulk into the MCU and bring him into The Avengers franchise.


If moves are being made to bring Spidey back home, this could be a way of testing the waters. Allowing Marvel to use areas that are somewhat under Sony’s control, but are not currently part of their Amazing Spider-man franchise plans (like The Daily Bugle, and JJJ) and see if small goodwill gestures like that could lead to a profitable relationship between the two studios leaving just the Fantastic Four and X-MEN outside of Marvel’s reach.


Speaking of Marvel’s first family. The long and protracted war between Marvel and Fox is seemingly coming to an end and not without some collateral damage. By 2015 The Fantastic Four will be no more, and for the first time since 1962 there will not be a monthly Fantastic Four comic book on the shelves.

Now the reasoning or this is simple. Someone made a boneheaded deal during a crisis. In past columns we’ve gone over the Marvel bankruptcy, but when Marvel started optioning their characters out for films in some deals they threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Fox not only has the rights to make money based upon films from the Fantastic Four, and X-MEN licenses, it also has profit participation in Toys, Comics, T-shirts, and assorted merchandise. Fox’s unwillingness to be a better partner to the new regime of Marvel has left the house of ideas looking to take a poison pill approach.

X-MEN: Days of Future’s Past, the last X-MEN film Fox released last summer had no ancillary merchandise to go along with it. No action figures, no McDonald’s toys, no posters aside from those at the movie theater, and no tie-in comics.

The Fantastic Four, while a jewel in Marvel’s crown is not as highly valued as it once was, after ceding popularity to the X-MEN in the early 90s through to today, Marvel isn’t losing as much money as it would should it shut down the X-MEN franchise by telling its freelancers to no longer draw any characters related to said franchise but it is going to hurt the bottom line.

Marvel hopes to use the surge of Guardians of the Galaxy love to parlay GOTG into the FF’s spot in the Marvel Universe. And with Marvel killing off Wolverine, and soon Deadpool, they’re hoping to diminish the returns Fox gets from the X-MEN books without having to kill that franchise as well.


While news is flying fast and loose on this last day of NYCC I will try to scoop it up and distill it down to it’s hardcore nerdy essence, and serve it next week, hopefully on time.

Until then stay #geekpositive!

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