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1982332_606035206155169_1459905225_n  Remakes, reboots and “requels”….what is up with Hollywood these days?

Have we honestly run out of good ideas? Or are we so money hungry that we have to keep resurrecting every possible thing because people will blindly pay just because a name or character is thrown on it? I recently saw a comment pop up on my newsfeed about the new Ghostbuster reboot (with the dude cast) that read something along the lines of “I’m so excited, anything Ghosbusters gets my money!” Wait, What? YOU people are the problem here, so if we cover dog poop in sprinkles and a GB cake topper you’d buy it? If you said no you’re an idiot, because that’s exactly what you’re buying into these days with all these reboot/remakes. Why you ask? Because 90% of them are exactly that, shit.


Let’s face it, most of these reboots are just recycled stories and limping ponies that have been beat over and over again. Now, I’m not saying nothing should ever be remade but just because it works for one thing doesn’t mean it’s going to work for it all. Please tell me why I need to see Scarface (yes that is happening folks) remade? I don’t because honestly some things are sacred and should be left alone. Don’t you remember that line your parents used to tell you “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” yeah, you should remember that more often Hollywood.


Take a look at remakes past: Conan, Total Recall, Lone Ranger, Karate Kid, 2001’s Planet of the Apes, Dark Shadows, TMNT, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and so much more. All these films were a flop, most with weak plot changes that did nothing to help them to build a substantial profit.


Instead of Total Recall changing our location to Earth and not Mars, perhaps their “twist” should have been a better actor than Colin Farrell. Conan would have been better if they made a movie about Barbarians and just left “Conan” completely out of it. Hollywood, especially lately with all its new remake announcements certainly has a heavy resistance to change. You would think that with a list of failures longer than the list of those that did well (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Thing, Dawn of the Dead, Nolan’s Batman just to name a few) consideration to slow down on the remakes would start to take hold, but it seems like Hollywood has put the pedal to the metal and is going forward with reboot after reboot.


Such is the case with the forthcoming genderbent Ghostbusters film, which from what’s been bandied about might not be the only incarnation of the Ghostbusters coming down the pike because well hell, we all like money right? That’s so much more important than keeping the integrity of the original film.

To make matters worse, the producers don’t seem to understand the core concept of why the original worked. Vowing to make the new film “Scarier”than the original. That’s not the point. It wasn’t ever intended to be scary it was intended to be FUNNY. It was a comedy! But you know, it’s okay because.. boobs. Wow. Women Empowerment.  Much Feminism. Wow.


In the 2016 movie season we will be seeing no less than 7 reboots/re imaginings/remakes including the aforementioned Ghostbusters-In-Name-Only, The Mechanic, (why Statham why?) Ben-Hur,  Jungle Book, a SECOND reboot of Friday the 13th, Tarzan, Power Rangers, and Pete’s Dragon for Christ’s sake!

Not to mention the upcoming “sequels” a damn near 20 years later such as Independence Day 2, and Beverly Hills Cop 4.

if Marty McFly came to our 2015 he’d get confused as to if he actually left, once he saw all these movies in the theaters that are from his time..

And it didn’t used to be this way. Somewhere along the pike Hollywood decide “thinking is hard” and decided to just regurgitate the same thing over and over again to a populace that seems to be growing weary of the same old same old, as box office numbers seem to fall in the US.

A little secret most people don’t know is a lot of studios won’t even look at a property unless it’s been a comic book or something first. It’s why you see a lot of would be screenwriters rushing out to turn their screenplays into Graphic Novels to show to the studios in hopes of convincing them the property already has an audience and would be an easy sell.

It’s a sad fact that in this day and age it’s likely we would never have seen an E.T. or Star Wars made because a bean counter couldn’t figure out to  accurately market the concept. I am sure in the years to come we’ll see “Family Matters: The Movie” or an edgy Full House reboot because people find it easier to attempt to recapture lighting in a bottle then to look at what made those original things work and create something new for the world we live in now.

We are a nostalgia driven society these days and we’re drunk on a love for reboots. I miss the old days too man, but not everything should be resurrected. Peace be with them, let them go.



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