Channel 757 Presents: Project Hot Potato, the Hottest Ticket in Hampton Roads!

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, cancel it! Unless you are going to be coming out to the Virginia Beach Central Library at 3PM that is! Because Hampton Roads is about to be rocked by an incredible creative event Project Hot Potato!


What is this deliciously sounding event? Will there be real butter or margarine? Well bunky, consider this your PHP Primer!

If all that was all TL;DR, we’ll break it down as thus, the project is a 4 part feature film comprised of 4 different film making teams, none of which are in contact with the other! After the screening, some of these amazing creative geniuses will be awarded prizes, you can check out the nominees here, see the stars of tomorrow… TODAY!


If you want to learn more about the 4 teams supreme check out this handy breakdown of who’s who and what’s what! Of course it’s not all lavish awards and touchy feely moments, (Mostly from Matt Wade, after a few wine coolers he gets a little “Bill Cosby”.) The Great Hot Potato Roast will lovingly poke fun at those poor brave souls that left it all on the line to bring you an incredible film brought to you by the comedy stylings of:

Quincy Carr,
John Small,
Chop Allen,
George Booker
Filmmaker and Project Hot Potato Vet, Jessa Gaul

Whether you laugh with them or at them, it’s sure to add to an already rollicking adventure, but as they say, (I still want to know who “they” are) “Wait, There’s more!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.46.46 AM

11160539_10206793533699749_1939121033_nThey will also be screening the new Skye Zentz music video for The Tide, produced by Jpixx As well as the trailer for the new film by critically acclaimed filmmaker Chris Abaya – HEARTLESS

What more could you want? Maybe a sneak peek at the genius those wise and fortunate ones that make the trek out to the show? Well never say I didn’t give you anything!

The party starts at 3pm! The only thing missing from this day of celebrating the best and brightest of the 757 is YOU. Don’t know where it’s at? Cool your heels Magellan, I got you.

Virginia Beach Central Library 
4100 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA, US
(757) 385-0150


Be there, or forever kick yourself for missing this weekends hottest ticket!

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  1. Erman.. where do I start! great guy all around. easy to work with, very energetic and knows his stuff. I have worked with him on many projects, cannot say anything bad about him but he is a great guy and a very hard working person. Cant wait to work with him again. Erman encompasses the willpower, dedication, and absolute work ethic of a future success. He has a strong demeanor in networking, as well as a talented mind in the business of entertainment.

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