Channel 757 Announces Production on New Series

Parallels LogoAfter you wake up, They will still be there.”

In 2014 Channel 757 will present it’s newest web series, Parallels a multi-part, sci-fi anthology from the minds of writer, Mike Schaeffer (Drive-In Matinee) and producer, Tom White (The Circuit, The Poet).

Parallels is a representation of some of the finest talent in the area collaborating on a project that truly has the potential to be something BIG.” ~ Mike Schaeffer

Attached to star are Dave Meadows (Captain Phillips, Precinct 757), Candy Dennis (The Audition, Stranded Eyeland), Kera O’Bryon (The Perfect Breed, The Audition, Project Hot Potato 2014) , Joel King (The Circuit, The Feast), Anna Sosa (Christine at the Crossroads), Brittney S. Harris (Precinct 757, Ch757: No Format) and Zeus Campbell (Top Rope Zeus). Filmmaker Chris Abaya (RED BAND) will also be attached as an Executive Producer.

Production looks to begin in February.

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  1. How can I take part in this show???

    John Bargeman
    Age: 35
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 190

    Precinct 757, (2011- current) Detective James Bennett
    Sex In The City, (2002-2004)
    Sopranos, (2003)
    Law & Order (2003)
    Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, (2003)
    Can You Tell (2003)
    Curb Your Enthusiasm, (2001-2002)
    Will and Grace, (2002)
    Reba, (2002)

    Sex In The City, (2007)
    Jaaneman, (2005)
    Taxi, (2003)
    Mission: Imposable, (2002)
    Bad Company, (2001)
    Rollerball, (2001)
    Glitter, (2000)

    Im an American, (2001)
    American Express for Costco, (2001)

    Music Videos:
    Subsonica, “L’odore” & “L’errore”

    Ex-Military Special Forces, Gun Play, Fighting, Firefighting, Football, Skydiving, Driving, Dancing, Singing

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