5 Reasons Why Grant Gustin Should Be The Flash on the Big Screen

Barry Allen PosterOk right off the bat and so we can get it out of the way… we’re a little bit biased towards Grant Gustin at Channel 757 being as he’s a Hampton Roads native. However, he could be from Iowa and we would still stand by the idea that he is the best man for the role of DC’s Scarlet Speedster. Let’s also throw this out there… no offense at all to Ezra Miller. He’s a good actor and we can’t say he would be a “bad” casting choice at this point as we haven’t seen him in the role.  Which brings us to our first point…

1. He’s already The Flash

Audiences went two decades without a live action version of the Flash to connect with. The original Flash television show from the 90’s stared John Wesley Shipp in the title role and until Grant Gustin, there hasn’t been another actor since to take up the red and gold mantle. Coincidently (or not), Shipp also plays Barry Allen’s father on the CW show as a nod to the original and a “passing of the torch.”

We aren’t saying that Grant should get the role simply because he was first, but more so because with the show being a hit with its target audience, he is The Flash that the new generation is familiar with. Not only is he familiar, but he’s also pretty good.New 52 Flash

That brings us to the next point…

2. He’s Good in the Role

Since returning to television, The Flash has been a hit and while we won’t say that Grant has reached Robert Downey Jr. status, where fans can’t see anyone other than him playing the role, but for the show to have been this successful, he has to be hitting the mark as the titular character or the show would have likely stumbled out the gate.

Considering that for the majority of the past two decades, the Flash that we have seen in the comics and animated shows has been Wally West, casual fans and die-hards haven’t had a hard time connecting to Gustin as The Fastest Man Alive.

If audiences already accept and appreciate what Gustin is bringing to the role, they may have a harder time accepting a different Barry Allen on the big screen.  DC could avoid this by making Miller the Wally West version of The Flash. There has also been talk of DC’s television happening in a “different universe” than their cinematic universe, but lets be honest…

3. Continuity in Today’s Comic Book Genre Sells

Marvel Studios has changed the game. Anyone would agree with that. Their creation of not only a shared, but connected cinematic universe has seen the superhero genre reach new heights in pop culture. With several movies in production and opening each year, Marvel has also opened their universe to the small screen with Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter.  They even have a Netflix original series for Daredevil premiering in April.the-flash-arrow-crossover

Now, we’re not saying that following in Marvel’s footsteps is the only way to go.  We’re saying that it’s the proven and profitable route when done correctly. Having The Flash from the television show and the new films performed by the same actor connects not one, but two shows to the DC films when you mix in Stephen Armell from Arrow.

And that’s a good thing because…

4. The Movies Would Help Build a Larger TV Audience

When Captain America: Winter Soldier opened, it left an immediate and lasting effect on Agents of SHIELD. Those who enjoyed the movie, but weren’t fans of the SHIELD show, felt compelled to check it out in order to see what happened next. Imagine how many fans would tune TheFlash againin to see what happens immediately after the Justice League premieres knowing that The Flash has his own television show within that continuity.

And the show is strong enough on its own to maintain a lot of that new audience.  The advantage that DC has here is that they are dealing one of DC’s most popular characters. Gustin isn’t portraying a side character– he’s The Flash. SHIELD may take part in the Avengers films by name, but other than Agent Colsen, the characters in the show don’t appear in the movies and were created for the series.

If that isn’t all reason enough, we’ve got one more…

5. He Would be a Breath of Fresh Air in a Dark World

DC is building a pretty bleak sandbox for their heroes to play in. While Batman is Batman and that works for him, we also have a Superman who has killed, a Wonder Woman who isn’t fond FlashTVof color and an Aquaman who doesn’t appear to be useless.

At first glance, it would appear that Gustin’s Flash wouldn’t fit into this world, but his character’s contrast would likely be refreshing. The series has been a lot more fun and lighthearted than other superhero options on television, but never loses that feeling that the stakes are high and it still manages to take itself seriously enough.

Even with spawning from another darker show like Arrow, The Flash just isn’t as grim with a hero portrayed by Gustin. Barry Allen is still learning to be a hero living with the pains of loss, but still not sinking into the depressions of the Dark Knight or the loneliness that comes with being the Last Son of Krypton.

3 flash

Lastly, but not listed, why give Gustin competition? He’s doing a great job and adding Ezra Miller will prove that someone is better than the other. Thats what happens when you create your own competition. It’s unnecessary because DC already has a great Flash working on their payroll. He’s the Fastest Man Alive and his name is Grant Gustin.

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